Book Review: Talk Now And Later



As parents, we long to have meaningful conversations with our kids. Sometimes, it’s really easy. The words seem to flow and our kids are really engaged (like they are listening to their real-life heroes) but most of the time, we struggle. Either we get one word answers from our kids like “yes” or “no” which can make it very difficult to have any lengthy, purposeful chats or we find ourselves talking to our kids about completely unexpected challenges that we wish we could give one word answers to.

In his new book “Talk Now and Later”, Brian Dollar steers us toward healthy conversations with our kids while equipping us with insight for life’s toughest issues such as Sex, Self-Image, Death, Divorce, Bullying, and more.

As parents, we have a choice: prepare in advance for the challenges that lie ahead or take them as they come. We don’t know about you but we have found life seems to go a whole lot smoother when we are prepared.





We recommend you purchase this book for your family. Read a chapter a week and begin having powerful conversations with your child, now and later.

Purchase the book here. #TalkNowAndLater


Frank & Jessica Bealer

CEO of Phase Family Centers & Executive Director of Leadership Development (Orange/reThink)

Frank is the CEO of Phase Family Centers and Executive Director of Leadership Development at Orange / The reThink Group. He is driven to develop leaders to reach their full potential. Frank is married to Jess and together they have four children.

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