Fuel Your Recruiting   {As published on OrangeLeaders.com} It’s early in the morning, but you’re running late to your first meeting. So you hustle to your car, start it and speed off. It’s not until a few minutes later that you look down and see the “Low Fuel” light staring […]

Fuel Your Recruiting

Leade3.com is becoming
  For a couple of years now, leade3.com has been bringing you articles, podcasts and resources to equip family ministry leaders. Now we are taking our commitment to a new level. Why FamilyMinistry.Church ? Because empowering undiagnosed, crazy, zealous, superhero volunteers and staff who subject themselves to the acquiescence of kids […]

Making A Change For The Better

Last summer, we got together backstage at Kidshaper Conference in Australia to talk leadership. In this episode I was able to join Ps. Craig Johnson (Senior Director Of Ministries, Lakewood Church) talking about identifying and training effective leaders.     Frank Bealer

Leadership Development with Craig Johnson & Frank Bealer

{As featured on OrangeLeaders.com} Recently, my church celebrated its 10th anniversary. To an outsider, this may not seem like a grand feat. Many of you may think, “They’re babies, a decade is nothing more than a blink of time in the grand scheme of things.” You’d be right. However, in […]

Change Is Coming. Are You Willing?

The goal was clear. There was one objective, stop the soccer ball. With both goalies injured, and only minutes left in the game, I found myself shifted from my regular position as midfielder to goalie. The other team was set up for a penalty kick. If the ball went in, […]

Goals Are Good, Initiatives Are Better

The internet has opened our families up to a world of possibilities but it’s also created many concerns. Circle can help set every families mind at ease! HOW DOES CIRCLE WORK?   Circle pairs wirelessly with your home Wi-Fi and allows you to manage every device on the network—tablet, TV, or […]

Internet. Reimagined for families. (Keep Your Kids Safe Like Never ...

Lasting Impact Cover
By Carey Nieuwhof Pastor, Connexus Church and Author of Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow There are always conversations you need to have but you don’t know how to have. It’s true in life and it’s very true in leadership. How do you tell the […]

5 Tips on How to Have That Critical Conversation You’re ...